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This page lists all known commercially produced diecast models of Provincial Buses. If anyone knows of any others please let me know. 

Listing of Diecast Models of Provincial Buses
Manufacturer Registration Number Fleet No Chassis Notes
Corgi BOR 767 35 AEC Regent This is a very crude representation based on the Corgi Routemaster and is part of a gift set with the Regal below
Corgi GOU 449 66 AEC Regal Is part of a gift set with the Regent above
EFE XNU 421 4 Bristol LS A model of the bus aquired from Midland General in the early 1970s. It is on route 6 to Gosport Ferry
EFE HOR 414L 14 Leyland National 1 This model is in People's Provincial livery and is one of the first batch of Leyland National's delivered in 1972. It is on route 80
EFE MOD 571P 594 Bristol VR III (open top) This model is in First Provincial red and cream. It is on route 70 to The Hard Portsmouth
Corgi OOC WOW 993T 202 Leyland PD3 The ex Southdown open topper used on seasonal route 99c in Peoples Provincial days
EFE ECG 622 54 Bristol K5G This was a wartime utility bodied bus which was better known in its later open top form. For many years it was the only Bristol in the fleet.
Britbus KOR 462 20 Guy Arab III A Guy Motors/Park Royal bodied example serving with Provincial since new
Britbus FCR 446 26 Guy Arab III An ex Southampton Corporation example in the late 1960s revised livery.
EFE NLP 389V 432 Leyland National II The ex British Airways National painted in traditional Provincial livery for the Provincial 125 event in 2004.

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The Models

EFE No 4 - Bristol LS6G - XNU 421

EFE No 14 - Leyland National I - HOR 414L

EFE No 594 - Bristol VR - MOD 571P

EFE No 54 - Bristol K5G Utility - ECG 622

Corgi OOC Leyland PD3  - 202 WOW 993T

Britbus Guy Arab III - 20 KOR 462

Britbus Guy Arab III - 26 FCR 446

EFE Leyland National 2 432 NLP 389V

Special Editions

There have been a number of special editions of the standard models. These are pictured below. In 1999 the Bristol LS was re-vamped for the Southsea Spectacular Rally, and in 2000 the National was treated similarly. The VR was decorated as a limited edition for Sutton United Football Club.

Box of Corgi Gift Set (supplied by Alan Dale)-This contained a replica 1949 timetable


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