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In the late 1950s H. Orme-White the Provincial Managing director, became interested in air-cooled engines after listening to an employee who had been stationed in Germany with the RAF. On the continent it was not unusual to see air-cooled lorries and some buses. After a number of enquiries with the manufacturers Deutz in Cologne, in 1958 the first Deutz F6L 514 engine arrived. Thus followed some pioneering work in fitting air cooled engines to twelve Guy Arab and one AEC chassis. In a new book in the Provincial Papers series, due to be published shortly, I explore every aspect of these buses, from inception, prototype and then entry into service and withdrawal. The Ruston and Hornsby example is also covered, and the sole example that Lincoln Corporation placed into service. the book also provides a detailed description of each vehicle, including a timeline from the date it was re-built to its withdrawal and disposal. Large photos are used show to each vehicle to its best effect.The take over by NBC on 1 January 1970 spelt the beginning of the end for these quirky buses, and this period is also covered in detail, also the current situation of the only preserved example no. 36.This book should appeal to those of us who knew these buses well and also to those who were not so familiar with them.

This book is available from April 1st on the Provincial Society Website shop. 
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