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20th March 2013

I have written a new book on the subject of Provincial's air cooled engine buses. Full details on the home page of this website.

13th October 2011

Chris Hebbron has kindly provided me with a rare rear view of Guy Arab 77, this can be found on "The Red& White Connection" Page. I have also added a couple of new links on the "Links" page. One of these is about Vic Hutfield who, amongst other activities, used to run buses and coaches around Gosport.

17th July 2011

I have removed all reference to Fotopic Sites as this company has ceased trading and taken all the photographs stored on it with it unfortunately. 

29th March 2011 Update 

I have added another two adverts to the "Travel by Provincial" page. These were kindly provided by David Whitaker.

24th January 2011 Update 

I have added another two photographs to the  "Provincial in Winter"  pages.

15th December 2010 Update 

The recent winter weather has prompted me  to include a new page "Provincial in Winter" showing how Provincial buses have coped with snowy conditions over the years. My thanks go to David Whitaker and Stephen Didymus who helped provide photos and dates etc.

3rd December 2010 Update    

There is now a new "In Focus" page, "Travel by Provincial". This is a series of period adverts covering Provincial's private hire and tour activities. The idea was suggested to me by David Whitaker, who also kindly supplied some of the images, however we need your help, so if you have any images of these adverts please contact me on the usual EMAIL address

11th October 2010 Update

There are now some new photographs on the "People's Provincial" and "Previous Lives (Parts 1 & 2)" pages, thanks to Stephen Didymus for these. I have flagged the new photos with  . There are also two new Provincial related photographic sites added to the "Links" page.

29th January 2010 Update

I have now completed the "What's In A Number ?" page, to include all the People's Provincial vehicles.

13th December 2009 Update

A couple of new Stephen Didymus photos have been added to the "Provincial Adverts" In Focus pages.

3rd November 2009 Update

I have updated the "Preservation News" pages with some recent good news about Guy Arab 17.

19th October 2009 Update

I have added a new photo, provided by Stephen Didymus, to the "Sold for Scrap" pages. It is of Bristol LS No.5 (XNU 422) in a Barnsley scrapyard.

29th June 2009 Update

In line with a lot of other interest groups, I have now created a Facebook group for Provincial enthusiasts, I hope this will be used to provide a lively discussion group for all issues relating to Provincial past and present. If you wish to participate, you will need to sign up to Facebook if you are not already registered, however this is completely free of charge,  just follow the instructions on screen. The Link can be found on the Home page of this site.

3rd June 2009 Update

Stephen Didymus has unearthed another rarity, A photo of Guy Arab HD 7657 whilst in service with its original owner, Yorkshire Woolen District. This was one of the Arabs which was to provided the chassis for Deutz rebuild No.2 (884 HHO). it appears on the Guy Deutz page

14th May 2009 Update

A new photo of a London Transport Leyland National has been added to the "Previous Lives Part 2" In Focus page. I have also added a new link to the "Links" page, which is for a new Fotopic page containing some excellent photos of Provincial and other local buses taken by Dick Dapré on 26 May 1972.

24th February 2009 Update

The "Previous Lives" page has got rather long, so I have decided to split this into two parts. Part 1 covers the years up to nationalisation in 1970, and Part 2 covers the years from 1970 to the take over by First Group in 1995. I have also added 18 new photos to these pages. Thanks once again to Stephen Didymus for supplying the photos.

5th December 2008 Update

Stephen Didymus has found another photo from his collection for the "Fareham Memories" page. 

24th November 2008 Update

David Whitaker has kindly provided another photo from his collection for the Service Vehicles page. 

30th October 2008 Update

Some extra photos have been added to the 
"Fareham Memories" pages.

20th October 2008 Update

I have added a new "In Focus" page "Fareham Memories" On this page we take a walk down memory lane along West Street, Fareham in the late 1950s and 1960s using my own reminiscences of the time. This places Provincial's operations into context with its operating environment and includes a selection of nostalgic images relating to Provincial buses and street scenes. I have also added a couple of new photos which Stephen Didymus has un-earthed to two pages. A photo of AEC Regent 10 on "Solent Scene In The Sixties", and a new photo of Regent 46 on the "AEC Regent's" page.

13th October 2008 Update

Have you ever wondered, for instance, how many Provincial vehicles carried a particular fleet number. Or what what they all were. Well now you can find out on the new "What's In A Number ?" page. The first installment of this new feature is now published covering fleet numbers 1- 80. It is intended to cover numbers 80- 607 when time permits. Also check out the "Links" page for two new links. These are two blog sites, the Omnibuses Blog carries current bus related news items, and the other is Phil Stockley's Velvet Blog. Click on the links for a taster.

8th September 2008 Update

The only Guy/Deutz conversion I had no photo of  in original condition, was 33 CHO 449C. Stephen Didymus has finally tracked down photos of this bus, and they now appear on the Guy Deutz page

Other changes with this update are :-

My thanks once again to Stephen Didymus for his work in tracking down these photos for us to enjoy

4th May 2008 Update

David Whitaker has kindly sent me a couple of photos of service vehicles, which I have added to that page.

7th April 2008 Update

The final part of the Loans and Demonstrators section has now been published. This covers the People's Provincial and First eras from 1987-1995.

28th March 2008 Update

Some more service vehicles photos have now been added to the appropriate "In Focus" page, we have also inserted a new section on this page to cover driver training vehicles.

27th March 2008 Update

A new section has now been added covering loans and demonstrators used by Provincial over the years. This will be published in a number of parts. The first two are now live on the site, covering the periods 1939-1969 (GFOC) and 1970-1987 (NBC). Stephen Didymus has once again provided the photographs and details of the vehicles.

14th March 2008 Update

A new "In Focus" page has been added to cover the various types of service vehicle used by Provincial, ranging from light vans to heavy recovery equipment. It covers the early years of Gosport and Fareham to the First era.

10th March 2008 Update

I have carried out a number of minor alterations (additional photos mostly) to various pages. The main page to look at is the NBC photo gallery where Stephen has provided some more photos from this period of Provincial history.

25th February 2008 Update

I have added a number of new photos of open toppers to the relevant  "In Focus" page. The majority of these are of more recent vehicles seen with People's Provincial. There are also numerous minor changes to a number of the other "In Focus" pages, where new photos have been added and some errors have been corrected, I suggest you have a scroll through these to view the changes. One photo of interest is on the NBC photo gallery page, where there is a photo of what could be called one of the ugliest Provincial buses. It is the Ford A type 48 (NEL 107P). Stephen and I are currently going through the whole site to add new photos and features over the next few months so watch this space!

12th February 2008 Update

There is a new "In Focus" page covering Provincial buses in the 1920s and 1930s. This is an period not covered in detail on this site before. It includes some more photos supplied by Stephen from his collection. If you require more in depth vehicle details of this period, these are available in Stewart Brett's fleet history available from the Provincial Society

21st January 2008 Update

I have now added some new photos and updated information to the "Provincial Adverts" in Focus page. Thanks again to Stephen Didymus for his help with this feature. 

16th January 2008 Update

A couple of new photos have been added to the Deutz rebuild page. These have been sent to me by Stephen and are from the Andrew Porter collection. They are a further view of United Welsh HCY 296, and one where this bus, and DWN 378 are seen next to each other whilst with United Welsh. Can anyone help with a photo of London Transport G276 (GYL 416)?

7th January 2008 Update

Stephen Didymus has managed to obtain a photo of United Welsh 676 (DWN 378). The chassis of this bus was used for Guy/Deutz No 36 (HAA 771E), and I have now added it to the Guy/Deutz page. All that is needed now is a photo of London Transport G276 (GYL 416) to complete this section as all other "before" views are now in place.